DScript generates binary files from scripts. The DScript script languages was designed for maximum convenience and security.


Security: define invariants for the given data format, that are automatically checked by DScript

DScript has the same relation to binary data as a compiler has to executable code, hence the description "data-compiler".

There are numerous uses for a tool of this kind. Let's imagine you are writing a new editor and you start with the redraw routine. Now you need a file for testing the redraw. But you don't have any editing functions yet, so you must put one together by hand. DScript can handle this task with ease.

Or let's imagine, you are writing a game (think of something like HoMM2). While developing the game, you will need a map to test the features you are working on. Later you will be writing a nice shine map editor. But now that task would only get in your way (probably because it would disrupt the workflow and the map format might be subjected to changes). DScript can be used to make such a map file and with the macro-feature changes to the map format aren't a big problem either.

DScript is in early beta, so download and use at your own risk. Don't come running to me if it formats your harddisc, eats your wife or rapes your cat.
Some important features are not implemented yet, but nevertheless version 0.20 is considered useable.

You can download the complete package (309K) from here.