This is the Graphite download-page. Graphite is in beta, so download and use at your own risk. Don't come running to me if it formats your harddisc, eats your wife or rapes your cat.
No, only joking! It is nearly impossible that Graphite can cause any of these these events. Indeed it seems to run pretty stable, despite the beta-status.

You can either download the full package or you can download only the components you need. The latter is especially useful, if you want to upgrade an older version (only the application itself is expected to change).

Important: If you have 0.10 or 0.20 and want to upgrade to 0.45 you need the !System upgrade, too.

The full package (604K) contains the following components:

Graphite uses a 3rd party application named ConfiX to manage the user configuration. The version of ConfiX provided on this page is sufficient for Graphite, but it might not be the most up-to-date version. In this case you can download a more recent version from the X-Ample Technology page.