RISC OS Related Links

X-Ample Technology Site

This is the place, where you can get the ConfiX application from. Very useful! I use it throughout all my desktop applications.

Other Links Of Interest

The Titans of Ether

This is the site of a group of people, who develop a total conversion for the PC-game Morrowind. Might be worth a look, if you have a Windoze-machine and also own a copy of Morrowind. (don't worry about the de-domain, the page is in english)


The place, where I host my blog. Looks very friendly and professional so far (except for the fact, that their spellchecker doesn't know the word 'blog').


The Z-Pages are getting some visitors from outside the RISC OS world now. If you are new to RISC OS and want some information what it is all about, please visit the following links. If you are not new to RISC OS, you probably know them already (and if you don't, shame on you).

RISC OS.org (various information and links)

Drobe Launchpad (news portal)

The Iconbar (another news portal)

Castle (hardware manufacturer)

RISC OS Ltd (OS developer)

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