Graphite is an editor for flowchart-like diagrams.

More technically explained:
Graphite is an application for creating and editing of graphs. The term graph means here a set of nodes and edges, whereby each edge is connected to two nodes.
This definition might be not very clear for someone, who is not familiar with the term graph. So here is second definition:
Graphically (no pun intended) a graph consists of some boxes with text in it (the nodes) and some arrows (the edges), that go from one box to another.
This gives a widely used type of diagram, that you normally would produce with an application like Draw or Artworks. Indeed Graphite is in some way similar to Draw.
But while in Draw you operate on plain graphical objects, in Graphite you operate on nodes and edges. This is a different level of abstraction and it has the consequence, that you don't have to care about certain things, you would need to do manually in Draw:

Furthermore Graphite provides the features you would normally expect from a RISC OS application:

Graphite is compatible with RISC OS 3.5 or higher. Graphite is 32-bit compatible now.

At present there is only a beta version of Graphite available for download. It seems pretty stable, but it is still a beta version and has its limitations (a lot of umimplemented features, some minor bugs and a few more serious bugs).

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